Monday, 25 July 2022


From the merger of Med Group and the Rekordata-Juice group, a brand new reality is born with over 500 employees in 11 Italian regions, that will allow the consolidation of Apple-certified customer assistance and a path of strengthening in the Retail, B2B and Education sectors.

Med Group is getting ready to become the first Italian Apple Premium Reseller player in terms of store and certifications, as well as the largest authorized Apple store chain in Europe.

A very high profile reality in technology is officially born from the merger between the same Med Group - owner of Med Store (the main chain of Apple Premium Reseller stores in Central Italy), of Med Systems (Apple system integrator for the business world) and ICT Industries (distributor of IT products and the Tunit brand) - and the group made up of Rekordata - a reference company for the supply of technological and innovative solutions to companies, schools and public administrations - and Juice, a chain of Apple Premium Reseller stores and resellers Apple authorized leaders in Northern Italy.

A merger with very ambitious objectives, first of all the revenue expected, for 2023, of 400 million euros, and which will be able to count on a widespread presence in Italy with his 32 stores in Northern Italy from Juice and the 24 stores in Central Italy from Med Store, thus allowing the new company to become the largest authorized Apple store chain in Italy, with 10 competence centers, 56 stores - which will become 60 in a few months - and over 500 employees in 11 Italian regions. Furthermore, the merge will not cause for any staff cuts, and will indeed offer new opportunities and jobs.

The new technological player will not provide for just be Apple: thanks to the over 200 certifications obtained by Rekordata, Juice and Med Group, the new reality will have the highest number of certifications by international brands in Italy.

“We are very proud to announce this merger with Juice and Rekordata, to create a group ready to bring the rich offer that we offer to our historical territory also in the regions of Northern Italy”, declares Stefano Parcaroli, CEO of Med Group. "Our reality thus consolidates its presence to support our customers in the evolution of the market in a year that marks an important milestone for us: 40 years of business. This operation is only a first step of an expansion path that we are starting to design: we are confident to continue in this direction with the expansion of skills and resources that will make us one of the main partners in Italy to face the challenge of innovation”.

“The registered office”, continues Parcaroli, “will be in Macerata, in our futuristic headquarter able to coordinate all the activities of the group, joining with us all the experience of the professionals of the Juice-Rekordata group. I also want to remark that this merger will see us as majority shareholders, but with an equal Board of Directors that demonstrates the will to work all together for the growth of a reality that has no equal in Italy and in Europe. A growth that in our plans includes a revenue target of 400 million euros in 2023 and that will have its strong point in its workforce, which will not see any downsizing, but rather, we are going to create new job opportunities”.

“With the merger between Rekordata, Juice and Med Group, the path that consolidates our position as system integrator in B2B and Education sectors is strengthened, thank you to the partnership with Apple and the certifications by major international players such as Google, Adobe, Lenovo, Wacom and Promethean”, says Maurizio Malara, CEO of Rekordata. “Our work on digitalization of schools also continues: adding to the efforts made in recent years by our realities, we have innovated teaching in over 5 thousand institutes. Our effort is to continue working to build schools and businesses that are more digital and therefore more modern, inclusive and sustainable”.

“With a more widespread presence we will be able to provide not only the usual quality of our services with an even broader customer support,” says Alessandro Cantore, CEO of Juice. “The philosophy of this project is always focused on the customer, from private individuals to large companies, with a view to multiconnections as a common factor in our propositions. The qualified and Apple-certified staff will continue to offer assistance at the highest levels of professionalism, also thanks to the continuous training that we guarantee”.